Dirt Group for Healthcare Professionals

DIRT GROUP is a trauma-informed children’s mental health application based in social and emotional learning in the context of a gardening and farming project. Building capacities into competencies by increasing social and emotional intelligence of participants by integrating four major theories in applied group work with youth. This experiential skills training group increases participants social context, provides tangible outcomes, a sense of purpose, and a rich marinade of ……….to support participants in learning, practicing, and mastering social/emotional/life skills which then are generalized to the youth’s home, school, and community environments.  These increased skills facilitate participant’s abilities to navigate day to day interactions, problem solve, persevere, and make good decisions.

CTSS (Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports) is a package of services available to youth demonstrating medical necessity and participating in Minnesota Health Care Programs. Crow River Family Services, LLC; provides diagnostic assessment, individual treatment planning, outpatient therapy, in-home therapy, individual, family, and group skills training (DIRT GROUP), and crisis assistance.

CTSS is intended to:

  1. Restore a child or adolescent to an age-appropriate developmental trajectory that had been disrupted by a psychiatric illness; or
  2. Enable the child to self-monitor, compensate for, cope with, counteract, or replace psychosocial skills, deficits or maladaptive skills acquired over the course of a psychiatric illness. Credit: (MN DHS website)