Dirt Group for Educators

“A century ago, John Dewey proposed educating children through a curriculum rich in real-life problem-solving experiences.  While many traditional schools have been slow to adopt such methods, experiential learning is making a significant impact in alternative education, youth development, and treatment settings.   Challenge and adventure activities create powerful learning environments which fully engage youth and foster the development of courage, resilience, and responsibility.”

(Brendtro L K Strother M A 2007 Back to basics through challenge and adventure) Brendtro, L. K., & Strother, M  A. (2007). Back to basics through challenge and adventure. Reclaiming Children and Youth, 16(1), 2-6.

DIRT GROUP is grounded and informed in the application and integration of 4 major theories, which provides a rich experiential social context with a sense of purpose for participants to successfully learn, practice, and master important social/life/emotional skills. In this way, participation in DIRT GROUP not only provides tangible results in the form of fruits and vegetables but also in social and emotional intelligence thereby increasing participant’s mental health and well-being.

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